School Membership

Your school membership, from July 1 – June 30 each school year, will provide the following:

  • Professional development opportunities
  • Job postings on the KMA website (free)
  • A Montessori voice at the state level of government
  • A Kentucky Montessori voice at the national level
  • Opportunities to build a Montessori collaborative among Montessori schools in Kentucky
  • Montessori networking opportunities
  • One free Administrator membership (a $25 value)

Fees for school membership are based on size of the school:

  • 1-50 students – $50
  • 51-100 students – $100
  • 101+ students – $200

If your school chooses to support KMA by sponsoring full staff membership, you will receive a 10% discount on the individual staff memberships (regularly $25/each). For this option, membership must be completed using the KMA School and Staff Membership form and mailing a check.

To pay by check, download the KMA School and Staff Membership form, complete and mail.

For online registration and payment, complete the form below. Click send to proceed to payment.

In order for KMA to best serve you we need particular information about your school. KMA will not sell or give personal information to any other organization or individual. This information is important data KMA will use when speaking to officials about how they can best support authentic Montessori in Kentucky.

Click send to pay via paypal.