April 27, 2019 – It is not too late to join us at Versallies Montessori on April 27, 2019 for our Kentucky Cabinet approved PD session!

Don’t take it Personally: Supporting Children through Challenges without Losing your Cool This 2 hour training will show how Montessori guides understand the importance of spiritual preparation of the teacher and of being able to support children by responding to their needs, not reacting to their behaviors. We know that underneath the behavior, there’s something the child is trying to communicate. We must understand that our responses to their behaviors are rooted in our own experiences and our own patterns of behavior. Teachers have the great task of supporting children through any number of struggles. It can often be overwhelming to keep your cool when a child is acting out. There are strategies you may employ to help you and your teaching team gain perspective and support each other so that you can preserve the dignity of a child who struggles.


KMA members $10, Non-member price is $30/individual.

This session is presented by Jana Morgan Herman MEd, Montessori teacher, teacher educator, school leader, author, member of the Montessori Life Editorial Advisory Board and one of the moderator team for Montessori Teachers FaceBook, the largest online community of certified Montessori teachers in the world.